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Tattoo After Care

Tattoo After Care - So, you need to find out about tattoo after care because you're ready to get a new tattoo !

It could be your very first time, or it might be your tenth time, however in every case, you should review your tattoo after care instructions just before getting your tattoo. You may wonder about the logic about looking at the instructions before getting your tattoo , however it is much like baking a dessert, you only don't want to produce any mistakes with your instructions because new tattoos are open wounds and susceptible to infection.

You need to be attentive to your tattoo , and keep it as clean as you are able to to ensure that it heals as cleanly as you are able to which means you prevent infection and end up with the nicest looking tattoo possible.

Whilst the healing stages of a tattoo is likely to be as unique to every person as you can find people nowadays, the tattoo healing process does follow an over-all pattern. The specifics of each tattoo's healing process depends on the different skin kind of the person, the location of the tattoo on the human body, an the techniques of the tattoo artist. These factors can all create a variance in the healing process from individual to individual.

You is likely to be given aftercare instructions by your tattoo artist. These aftercare instructions change from artist to artist. My recommendation to you is if in doubt about anything, always get back to your tattoo artist before seeking the help of a doctor. Your tattoo artist can take a look at your tattoo and tell how to proceed if their is really a problem to fix any healing problems.

If your tattoo artist cannot help, they should send you for medical attention from the doctor. If they don't, then needless to say, you need to go yourself to make certain your health is not at risk. That is your responsibility.

Often times doctors don't know much about tattoos and will prescribe unnecessary medications that'll harm your tattoo's healing process. Some doctors might even be biased against tattoos. That is why I claim that you go to the tattoo artist first in the event that you suspect their is really a healing trouble with your tattoo. The artist works together tattoos day in and day trip and is knowledgeable about the simplest way to heal their work.

Once you leave the tattoo studio, you could have a bandage on your tattoo to protect it from outside contact. This bandage should be removed 2- 3 hours after getting the tattoo. Your tattoo may bleed only a little for the first 24 hours, remember, your tattoo is similar to an open wound.

When you remove your bandage, make sure to wash the hands with soap and warm water, in involving the fingers, and under the fingernails. Then dry the hands with a clear paper towel. Don't use any old towel that is laying there, or possibly a clean towel as lint may be transferred to your hands.

Be sure you have not let a large amount of blood dry on your own bandage so that it sticks. Be very, very gentle as you remove your bandage whilst not to begin the tattoo bleeding again. If you only rip off your bandage, you are able to screw up the looks of your tattoo , and you do not want to accomplish this, now can you?

Wash your tattoo gently, very gently with anti-bacterial soap and water to completely clean it. Don't scrub your tattoo , do not make use of a washcloth, or anything else besides your fingers or hand to completely clean the tattoo. Don't rub, but "pat" the tattoo as you wash it. Then, when you are finished, pat the tattoo dry with a clear dry paper towel. Or, use clean toilet paper even, if there isn't any paper towels on hand.

Let your tattoo air dry for 15 minutes or so. This may promote healing.

After your tattoo has dried, apply several drops of Emu Oil to your tattoo. The clear presence of essential fatty acids along with the hyper-oxygenation of Emu Oil naturally advances the circulation to the applied area which explains why Emu Oil works so well and so quickly to heal.

Even though it is a fat, it's been proved that Emu Oil does not clog pores (unlike most commercially made tattoo aftercare products which can be petroleum based), therefore allowing skin to breathe during the healing process. Emu Oil penetrates through all seven layers of skin and is rich in nutrients (essential fatty acids) that feed skin to assist in new cell development that will hasten the healing process. Emu Oil is also a natural emollient keeping skin moist and pliable.

The applying of the Emu Oil soon after the tattoo has been cleaned will also relieve the discomfort and reduce steadily the inflammation and redness of the new tattoo. Emu Oil may help set the new colors because of its deep penetrating properties and may help reduce plasma oozing.

Using Emu Oil 2-3 times each day after repeating the cleaning process as the tattoo heals can keep the area moist reducing or eliminating the flaking or scabbing that usually occurs as new tattoos heal. Emu Oil can prevent the requirement for touch ups which saves the artist time and money, and produces a pleased tattoo customer.

New tattoos will appear red and swollen immediately after the tattoo procedure. The tattoo will continue to seem in this way for some days throughout the tattoo healing process. In just a week to ten days skin surrounding the tattoo should be more back on track - most tattoos are completely healed in three weeks time.

While it is healing it is important not to accomplish these things or you might damage your tattoo :

- Do Not scratch your tattoo

- Do Not pick at your tattoo

- Do Not expose your tattoo to sunlight or tanning beds under any circumstances

- No swimming, hot tubs or baths the first two weeks after getting your tattoo

- Do Not shave the tattooed area for at least 30 days after the tattoo procedure

- Only touch your tattoo with clean hands, do not let others touch your tattoo

Not merely is Emu Oil good for healing new tattoos , it will work for restoring older, aged, sun damaged tattoos as well. That is because of the natural hyper-oxygenation of Emu Oil which brings blood and oxygen to the surface of the skin. This, in conjunction with Emu Oil's power to moisturize through all seven layers of skin, allows users to see quick results when the oil is placed on older tattoos.

With the proper care of one's tattoo right away, there is no reason you shouldn't enjoy the beauty of one's tattoo for a lifetime.

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