Monday, July 29, 2019

Symbolism of The Iron Cross Tattoo

Meanings:Heraldry, Loyalty, Honor, Faith, Courage, Bravery, Loyalty, Will, Liberation

Symbolism of The Iron Cross Tattoo - The iron cross is redeemed when we see it in civic departments to acknowledge bravery on duty. Fire and Police organizations often utilize this cross showing commendable service and incredible bravery on the job. In these instances, the iron cross is really a symbol of iron-will required to guard the community.

Often interchanged with the Maltese cross, the iron cross tattoo meaning has its roots with King Friedrich Wilhelm the next of Prussia in the mid 1800s. The King commanded this stylized cross as a symbol of bravery and honorary medals bearing the iron cross were awarded to brave soldiers throughout the War of Liberation.

Adolph Hitler adopted the iron cross as a medal for his own officers. In fact, it was the sole major decoration awarded by the Nazis before the Third Reich.

The iron cross has some rebellious symbolism connected with it, and worn by certain people it conveys a note of non-conformity or a fuck off message to the establishment.

Perhaps its association with Nazi Germany that popularized the iron cross tattoo with increased rebellious groups of individuals who need to convey this edgy message. Bikers, skinheads and hardcore niches often adorn themselves with the iron (or Maltese) cross to snub noses at conventionalism.

In this context the iron cross can also convey a revolt against following a masses. Rather, the cross is really a symbol expressing a rage against common thought & to be militant in the search for individual thought/action.

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